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Update from Dayspring ~ 30 Dec 2009

December 30th, 2009

We just received following updated message from Adam of Dayspring Children’s Home, please spend some time to read and keep for praying the needs of Dayspring.

Also, we would like to remind you that the deadline for 2010 Mission Trip application will be on 15 Jan 2010.

Dear beloved brothers & sisters,

Thank you so much for your generous support for the Christmas expenses. It is an exciting celebration as nearly 4000 people attended. They all had Christmas banquet at Dayspring Children¡¦s Home campus. Many of them are the poorest of the poorer. Also some lepers, beggars, blind, handicapped and many unfortunate people in the society attended and worshipped the Lord of lords and king of kings. Some famous doctors also attended and worshipped Jesus. A few of them though they are not Christians, they said that this festival is the best festival they even seen. These doctors have appreciated the services to the poorest children and widows by Dayspring & the loving Sponsors.

The children wore new dresses and are very happy. The widows are also very happy with their new Sarees (Indian Traditional Cloth) as well as the Teachers and other staff members. Some poor women and other begging people are also presented new Sarees. The children gave dance programs and other Christmas skits.

The children of Vizag children home also came here for the Christmas celebration along with our family children. They also danced and made the people so happy.

We have translated the Christmas message sent by Rev. Scott Smith and we all are blessed. Some new souls have accepted Jesus Christ and they asked me to for Baptism.

Thank you very much for your special help for the medical expenses of T.Vijay Kiran who is suffering with lung disease. He is recovering slowly and still on treatment by lung specialist doctor. He is studying well in college and thanking you.

The weather here is cool. So many are with cold and cough due to heavy fog. We are taking special care of each child in all matters. Please pray for all of us at this time of cool weather. The prices of the rice, vegetables and other things here are increasing very much. You can see in news papers and observe on TV channels. The government is unable to control the increasing prices. It is hard time to buy the stuff. Please pray.

I would like to thank you again and again for all your love and great work that you are doing for the development of the Lord ministry here in India.

Yours in Christ,

Extraction by Christina from Adam’s email.

Update from Dayspring ~ 20 Nov 2009

November 20th, 2009

Following is the prayer letter we received from Adam. Please spend some time to read it and pray for the needs of Dayspring Childrens’ Home.

Dear beloved brothers & sisters,

I am glad to tell you that the children are in good health. They are growing strong both physically and spiritually. They are learning Bible stories and new songs. Their studies are good. We are taking special care of each child and doing our best to grow them in the fear of the Lord. The life stories of these children are being totally changed because of your helps.

I am sorry to let you know that one of our widows Dommeti Janikamma died and she was 80 years old. She was faithful to the Lord and I thank her sponsor for all these years helps. All other widows are doing ok. They are all thanking you.

The teachers at school are doing work. Many non-christian students are knowing Jesus Christ by our work here at school.

As you know the prices of rice, vegetables, other provisions are increasing. The government is telling that the prices would go up much more in coming days. The recent floods and heavy rains brought big loss to all the crops and the farmers are in crying because of the loss. Please pray for this critical condition.

Please pray for our orphan boy Vijaykiran who is studying intermediate in college. He has been suffering with Tuber Culosis. I took him to the lung specialist and the treatment is going on.

Please pray for the kitchen shed as I am looking for some more fund to complete the work.

Please kindly pray for the girls dormitory building fund. As you all know the room is very congested and for all the children. Some children are sleeping in church, some are in the house and still it is not sufficient. Please kindly pray as the prayer can change the things.

As you know, this is the time to buy the new dresses for the children, widows, teachers and other poor people for Christmas. They all look for that gift. If we start the tailoring work now, the tailors will have sufficient time to fix by the Christmas day. We will miss you very much at that time. We will be soo happy if the team can come at that great time. We will be so glad iof the Lord would provide fund for Christmas dinner and other needs. please pray.

Please pray as we are planning marriage for Munni may be in the month of February. We expect you all at that time. I will let you know the exact date soon. Kindly pray for the need.

Please kindly pray for the school roof as it is raining on top floor. Please dont be offended as I am telling many many needs. This is for your kind information for prayer.

We as co-workers thank you for your kind helps to our families. We love you and thank you.

Yours in Christ,

Extraction by Christina from Adam’s email.

Update from Dayspring ~ 10 Oct 2009

October 10th, 2009

Following is the prayer letter we received from Adam. Please spend some time to read it and pray for the needs of Dayspring Childrens’ Home.

Dear beloved brothers & sisters,

Greetings to you in the sweet name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your supports. Thanks for your love and hard works to bless these many people in India . Thank you for your kind prayers.

I am sorry to let you know that we have an epidemic in our state. Many people in our state are suffering with viral fevers, some with swine flu, etc. This year we had no good rains so far, but now we have very heavy rains and several rivers are flooding. There is a cyclone in the ocean and due to this reason we will have more rain fall. Many villages are in waters. Thousands of thatched huts are being washed away by the waters. Many people became helpless and migrating to safer places. So due to all these reasons the diseases would be more and spread so fast. Please pray.

So far 40 children are infected with viral fever in our children home. Almost all of our family members are stricken with this problem. By God’s grace, we are ok.. I’m taking care of each child and doing my best to take care the kids. There is no room in any of our local hospitals for admission. But I bring the doctors to our children home and they are doing good service to the children. Please kindly pray. Much money is being spent on medical bills and the doctors’ bill. Please kindly pray.

As you know, the accommodation is very congested for all the children. If we can put the roof for the girls’ dormitory, there will have a lot of place and the children would have better and spacious rooms to sleep and stay. We are all praying God to provide the fund for this need.

Thank you for asking about then estimated cost for the school roof. If it is RCC roof it costs Rs. 1,110,000. If it is cement sheets with wood or iron frames it costs Rs. 900,000/- according to the Engineer here.

We are all praying for you with grateful hearts.

Extraction by Christina from Adam’s email.